Best Razer headsets

Best Razer headsets

Razer is a renowned manufacturer of gaming hardware. Most of the brand’s headsets offer a wide range of functionality and a high level of comfort at a reasonable cost. In this article, we will analyze the best Razer headsets.

Why Razer headset is so popular?

Raiser headphones are a dream of every gamer, and it’s not about the brand’s popularity, but about the characteristics of the devices.

All PC gamers crave stereo surround sound with perfect highs and lows. A good gaming headphone with a mic can be critical in critical life situations in gaming and provide unrivaled comfort during your planned gaming marathon.

Despite intense competition in the PC peripheral market for gamers, Razer remains one of the most popular brands. The reasons for this are the long history of the company, constant introduction of advanced technologies, and memorable design.

While the brand is aimed primarily at hobbyist gamers and e-sports athletes, Razer hasn’t forgotten about users outside of the gaming world either. For them, models like the Hammerhead TWS Pro are available – it is convenient to take such headphones on the road to listen to music from the phone.

For full-size wireless Raiser headphones is characterized by:

  • recognizable color scheme of black and green;
  • quality sound;
  • minimum weight;
  • convenient adjustment of landing;
  • ear cushions made of cooling material;
  • high-quality signal reception from the main unit.

Regardless of the series and model, all devices from Razer provide quality sound and look original.

Top 5 best Razer headsets

The list of the top-rated headsets includes the following items:

  • RAZER Kraken 7.1 V2 Oval

The headband is made of durable, lightweight, and flexible aluminum. Ear cushions – removable with a cover from eco-leather. You can adjust the headset to the size of the head using the sliding mechanism near the right and left bowls. Branded 50mm drivers perfectly transmit both treble and bass

  • Razer Blackshark V2

They offer amazing audio quality, great value for money, and easy-to-use software. It has a Detachable noise-canceling microphone, built-in cable controls, and 50mm Razer TriForce Titanium drivers. Headphone drivers have discrete ports to separate low, mid, and jittery frequencies from interference to each other. The result is the richer sound that rivals more expensive headphones like the HyperX.

  • Razer Thresher Ultimate

The later version of the Nari Ultimate can grab attention thanks to its tactile feedback. However, while it looks the same, it has a weaker sound than the classic Thresher Ultimate. For the money, this is the best Razer gaming headset we’ve used so far. It provides a reliable connection, comfortable fit, and decent battery life.

  • Razer Kaira Pro

Kaira Pro is best suited for Microsoft game consoles and smartphone users. Significant benefit – over 20 hours of battery life when the LED is off. Designed specifically for Xbox consoles and featuring Xbox Wireless technology for low latency communications. Features two microphones: the primary super-cardioid and dedicated mobile microphones.

  • Razer Nari Essential

Not a bad all-around model for long listening sessions and long gaming sessions. The device operates continuously for up to 16 hours, and the design itself is conveniently adjusted to fit the wearer’s head. THX technology creates high-quality surround sound with rich bass, immersing in the gameplay and allowing you to quickly respond to events. The swivel microphone is equipped with a quick mute function. Desktop users also get the ability to control and fine-tune the equalizer – you just need to use the proprietary Synapse 3 application.