How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription?

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium Subscription

LinkedIn is the largest professional network all over the world that connects professionals with companies and partners over the Internet. This article will provide a guide on how to cancel LinkedIn Premium subscriptions.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network for business communication, employee search, and open vacancies. Therefore, the list of your LinkedIn friends will most likely not include your former classmates, but colleagues from different workplaces and HRs from different companies. Even the statuses on LinkedIn are not about marital status, but about how actively the user is looking for a job and what kind.

You can add not only photo and video files to your LinkedIn posts but also other documents: for example, in Word and PDF format. This is a useful feature, given that LinkedIn is used to distribute your resume, portfolio, or test tasks to candidates. Currently, the LinkedIn network is widespread enough to be present in more than two hundred countries with 530 million users.

Reasons Why Businesses Need Linkedin:

  • It is a global network № 1 for business and professional communication;
  • The most effective SEO (and the most Google-friendly platform (in search results your profile in Linkedin will be shown first than anything);
  • Ability to identify and directly access people who make decisions in corporate business in any field and country;
  • Effective network & B2B sales;
  • Free PR speaker for your business and additional Landing Page;
  • Ability to receive feedback/recommendations from your customers, partners, and colleagues
  • This is a 3D professional model of your business;
  • It is an opportunity to receive fresh insights from world gurus and tops, to follow global trends, and to keep a hand on a pulse of innovations and modern approaches in any sphere and industry.

What LinkedIn Premium gives you?

LinkedIn is the largest career-oriented website on social media. Although the site is free to use, there are many features that are only available if you subscribe to LinkedIn Premium. This option is primarily intended for job seekers, recruiters, and those looking to attract new clients to their business.

By purchasing a paid LinkedIn profile, you get:

  • Communication: send emails to all users, even those outside their network;
  • Visibility: the availability of contact information to the third level, therefore, also the ability to know the names of those who visit the profile;
  • More search tools: Insert filters such as profile experience or company size; to have more profiles on the results page; to save search queries and receive notifications when new profiles similar to saved ones are created.

LinkedIn Premium options

There are four different LinkedIn Premium tiers, each designed for a different type of user.

  • Looking for a job: useful for those who are actively looking for work;
  • Sales navigator: useful for professionals looking for clients to find a business;
  • Recruiter Lite: ideal for those who hire staff and are usually looking;
  • Business Plus: suitable for those who want to strengthen their brand and use its network.

How cancel the subscription?

In case the user needs to cancel the LinkedIn Premium subscription and go back to the free basic account, the following steps should be done:

  • Open your LinkedIn webpage. Go to the home page of your user or company account;
  • Click on the “I” tab located at the top of your home page;
  • Click the Settings button that appears in the drop-down menu;
  • Select Access My Premium from the menu;
  • Click the Manage Premium Account button on the right rail;
  • In the Subscription Management section, click Unsubscribe.