Best Fortnite Tips for Winning Game

Although Fortnight is a simple, intuitive, even sometimes primitive game for connoisseurs of more advanced games, it is a release that has been phenomenally and dynamically developing and improving for over a year. So, this article will consider the best Fortnite tips for winning games.

What determines the success of Fortnite?

Fortnite is a video game of the tactical-strategic shooter genre with elements of survival and construction, developed by the American company Epic Games. It is a survival game. Heroes explore resources, build fortifications, fight zombies and do everything to survive.

The success of a game is ensured by the f2p model (free access) and the timely copying of the key mechanics of PUBG, the “Battle of the King” mode. Initially, the developers focused on other possibilities: the mode of joint fight against zombie invasions.

During the 2019 GDC Developer Conference, Epic Games announced that Fortnite’s most played Victory Royale to date has over 250 million registered users. In December their number was 200 million, which means that in just three months the project was able to attract another 50 million.

The game exists in four modes:

  • Royal Battle (Player versus Player, PvP)
  • Survival surrounded by zombies (Player versus Environment, PvE)
  • Sandbox (PvP)
  • Creative mode (PvP / PvE)

Fortnite seasons usually last about 10 weeks and have their characteristics and themes. Season 2 was dedicated to the Middle Ages, season 3 plunged into space, season 4 added comets and superheroes, season 5 changed the understanding of space and time with intersectoral strife, season 6 surprised the flying island in support of mysterious alien Cuba and its migration, season 7 surprises the appearance of warplanes, winter locations.

Benefits of the game

The Fortnite game has several unconditional trump cards. They are the following:

  • Cross-platform and a competent monetization model. You can play it on PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, and recently began testing the mobile version.
  • It is free. Aggressive donation does not bring significant advantages to players. Money can be spent on in-game currency, buy additional skins, or a seasonal pass.
  • The developers offer several editions to choose from: from free basic to collectible. They include cosmetic enhancements such as additional icons, as well as access to daily and unique loot boxes.
  • Customers can get test access to the original PvE mode, where they have to fight against zombies.
  • Good performance. Fortnite is made by the creators of the popular game engine Unreal ENGINE, not lacking resources. Thanks to optimization and graphics work, Epic Games has achieved a stable frame rate across all platforms.

Tips on how to win

If you want to become a winner, you should follow some rules:

  • Make sure you have your back. You should never be caught from behind or from the side. So make sure that you always build cover there. Always assume that someone is targeting you with a sniper rifle.
  • Counter and disturb the enemy. Every tactic in Fortnite has a counterattack. So if you are in a good position and the opponent wants to build a staircase, just put him on a platform over the stairs. Then he can no longer get up to you. Instead, he should keep his distance again and can be shot down easily.
  • Always keep moving. If you watch professional players in Fortnite, you should notice one thing: they are constantly moving! Anyone who sits in one place for a long time is an easy target. It is also extremely useful to keep changing positions.